A detailed guide around South Sinai. Part I : DAHAB.

The South Sinai, is a region of the Sinai Peninsula, in Egypt, with a magical atmosphere. In between the holy Moses Mountains and one of the most beautiful seas : the Red Sea, it offers the perfect environment to relax, enjoy a holiday with nature contact and multiple entertainment and even to settle for a while for digital nomads seeking some peace of mind! In these set of posts, all the relevant info!

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A men smiling from his shop in the Market of Hebron, West Bank


Have you ever heard about the "Israeli-Palestinian conflict"? Would you like to get a deeper understanding of the situation between the two sides of it? Just go to visit the city of Hebron , controlled 80% by Palestinians and 20% by Israelis. The conflict is alive!

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Do you like snorkeling? Scuba-diving? The wild nature? A place which is literally bordering with two touristically attractive countries like Jordan and Egypt? Then, your place to be is EILAT! Don't miss one of the most surprising spots in the Southern most part of Israel!

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Are you an entrepreneur spirit? Do you like the Hi-tech world? The beach? Techno parties? Good weather and vibes all day and night long? Traveling on a "real budget" around many places in the Middle East? Then you definitely need to come to Tel-Aviv!

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