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South Sinai Guide Part 3: Sharm el Sheikh.

Sharm el Sheikh, or the Egyptian Ibiza 🏝

In general, the South of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, was my favourite area of the country. May it be the holiness of the area, given that was in this region where Biblical characters like Moses, received the well- known 10 commandments from God, because it is a neighbouring land to the holy land, or because the same Israelis took control of the region back in 1967, after the well-known Six Days War, until they signed the ‘Camp David Peace Accord’ with Egypt in 1978. Whatever will be the reason, this region of Egypt, is really magical. 

Sharm el Sheikh, was without any sort of doubt my favourite part of the South Sinai region. A 100.000 inhabitants town, filled with 5 star holidays resorts with all inclusive meals packages, filled with tourists from Ucrania and some italians, an amazing vibrant nightlife that takes place every single night of the week. Filled with many different clubs and bars, all of them open without restrictions even during corona, and amazing beaches with turquoise blue waters with the amazing undersea of the ‘Red Sea’ (that is the one that actually surrounds this region).

The city of Sharm el Sheikh was developed by the Israelis. 🇮🇱

As a curious fact, and with 0 aim to enter into a political discussion, the current Egyptian town of ‘Sharm el Sheikh’ was developed by the Israelis when they took control of the region after the Six Days War. Were the israelis the ones who started constructing the first diving resort, hotel and even the ones who built the ‘Sharm el Sheikh’ airport, that will after allow the arrival of thousands of tourists yearly from many different parts of the world. 

So, a part from being a town in the middle of a magical and holy land, having the best Egyptian nightlife, beaches and lifestyle of the country, the town of ‘Sharm el Sheikh’ is extremely connected with the Jewish land, because of its historical facts and reasons. And as a Zionist and Israeli lover that I am, I couldn’t feel more at home while in Sharm el Sheikh.

How to get into the town of 'Sharm el Sheikh'?

By plane

As I mentioned before, the town of ‘Sharm el Sheikh’ has its own airport, thanks to the israelis who actually were the ones who developed it in 1968 as an Israeli Force air base. When Israelis withdraw from the region after signing the Peace Treaty with Egypt, the Airport become a civilian airport.

Nowadays, the airport of Sharm el Sheikh is the 3rd busiest airport of Egypt after Cairo and Hurghada, and for tourists like you, is it an option to reach this fascinating vibrating beach town in the Red Sea.

You can rather arrive from inside of Egypt, from the same city of Cairo. Fly with its local Airline called ‘Egyptair’ with which flights will cost you around 50€ (1.000pounds) per journey. It is expensive to fly inside of Egypt, taking on account the low cost of living of the country for Westerns, due to the devaluation of the Egyptian pound after the 2011 revolution. You have also the option to reach the town of ‘Sharm el Sheikh’ directly from outside of the country.

By bus

As I commented in the Part 1 of the South Sinai guide the Bus is always a good option while traveling inside of Egypt, specially when it comes in terms of economical reasons. It is around 4 to 5 times less expensive than the plane, though as a con it will take also 4 to 5 times longer to reach the destination.The main bus company of the country is call as of ‘Go Bus’ and buses from Cairo to Sinai cost around 250 pounds, but it also depend on the category of the bus.

With category what I mean is, there’s some economic buses, and upgraded ones. The upgraded can cost twice more than the economic ones, but also provide much more comfort and meals are included in the bus.

Where to stay in Sharm el Sheikh?

Xperience Kiroseiz Parkland

Me at the top of resort's pool

Xperience Kiroseiz Parkland, is the best place by far you can stay whenever you go to Sharm. 

 This is a 5 star holiday resort, placed 5 minutes by bus from the centre of the town called ‘Naama Bay’ ( where a lot of nightclubs like Pacha are placed, and also most shops and restaurants and beaches and other resorts). 

Below I will explain you in detail every thing that is included inside of the Resort, including the services, the deals you can get and for which price.

Prices of the 'Xperience Kiroseiz Parkland' by April 2021

The cost of my stay in this resort was amazingly good, for the amount I had paid, the services and experience I got in exchange was 5 times more worth the money I’ve spent there. Why? Let me explain you everything in detail.

I paid an average of 50$ per night (42€). As you can see, in first place, that is not a very high expense for a 5 star hotel. But wait for the list of things that were completely covered in that amount of money, and the two circumstances that were key to get this amazingly good price. For the amount of 50$ night I got:

What is included in that price?

– An upgraded room with 2 double beds (very big room) with terrace that had views to the South Sinai Mountains and to one of the resort’s pools.

– All meals and non alcoholic drinks were included. The meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner, were all self-service. Drinks were as many as you wish throughout the day.

– Access to the 3 pools the resort has, yes is indeed a quite big resort. 

-Free access to the Aquapark that is inside of the resort. That is always a fun activity to engage with, including doses of adrenaline, and being able to jump from the water slides as many times as you fancy doing.

Free access to 2 private beaches, one sandy and other based on the Reefs (what it means more proper for practising scuba diving or snorkel. 

The transport from the hotel to those private beaches.

– Access to the gym, that was placed right under my room, and which I only realised it existed after 4 weeks of stay in the hotel.. yes, that’s how much love do I have for gyms as you can see, haha.

– All the range of activities the amazing ‘Animation Team’ will prepare daily, including ‘Aqua Gym’, ‘Dance Lessons’, ‘Yoga Lessons’, ‘Volleyball matches’… impossible to get bored. Plus, the staff of the hotel specially the Animation people are incredibly friendly, you’ll become friends with them and have all time fun in your daily basis of the stay. 

– Every night at 9pm there were Shows, also included in the price (as ‘Belly dance’, ‘Fire shows’..) every night a different one, and sometimes they were even interactive with the public, so the Animation Team would be requesting for your participation. 

My laptop posing in the terrace with all Sinai views
My 2 double beds room

Add to the 5 star resort price, the daily nightlife cost

After the Show, around 10 to 10.30pm, every night there was a different party taking place in some of the different night clubs Sharm has to offer, and the Animation Team would be taking all the Hotel guests who wished to join the party for a fee from 200 to 350 pounds  (10-17€) depending on the club and the type of party. In the price, transport from the Hotel to the Club back and forth was included, the entrance and one alcoholic drink of the worse alcohol that has been ever served, ha.

For a period of 5 weeks it will add up to 270€ in Nightlife. Take on account that you’ll be all times invited by locals to drinks (at least that was my case), so you’ll be covered up.

The surprising total cost of the 5 star resort:
An Historical deal

–  1850$ /1580€, for 37 days of stay in a 5 star resort with all the above mentioned included.

 -Plus around  270€ in addition for all the parties (at least, 4 per week, what will make as a result 20 nights out in just a month and a week).

1850 € for a month and a week (37 days).

 It’s a 1470€ per month, including all what I mentioned before plus the parties. With no extra cost.

In my opinion, is super worth it, due that most of people will spend this monthly amount of money in a very average life in any over priced european city, by only paying, bills, food, and having a very boring ordinary life at home, while living in that resort made every day of my stay a new Adventure, full of surprises, exciting and very funny and different moments. Met people from everywhere, met many new friends, and had the TIME OF MY LIFE.

2 key circumstances that played a key role to get this historical hotel deal...

1) Without any sort of doubt, the Coronavrius Pandemic pushed a drastic drop of the demand in the tourism industry, which was totally reflected into the low hotel prices and the best hotel historical deals.

2) Staying in the Resort during Ramadan period was also key. For Arab countries, Ramadan is a very special and holy moment of the Islamic year and calendar, in which internal hotel demand also drop because people are not allowed to travel, and thus if you are staying in an hotel you can negotiate a drop of the price.



That's me posing in the V.I.P. of Taj Mahal club

A part from being widely known for its stunning Red Sea beaches, and its 5 star all-inclusive package hotels kind of tourism, Sharm El Sheikh is as well a relevant town when it comes to the Nightlife sphere. Clubbing in Sharm is something so essential, so in the vibe of the city, that even during Corona times, the nightlife scene kept going, even with its drop of demand. As I already mentioned before, entrance to all Sharm clubs rise between 200 to 350 pounds (10-15€) depending on the club and the party, and bear in mind that only if you party in condition of tourist, you’ll pay. If you live in Sharm and get the right contacts, free partying every night to you! That happened to me during the last month of stay in the town, when I was renting a flat inside of the same Pacha club.

Main clubs to party in Sharm 👯‍♀️

1. Taj Mahal

That is how 'Taj Mahal' club looks like

Taj Mahal is a famous club in Sharm, with an enormous dance floor and a pool, the club plays the most in the moment hits, including latino songs, house and Egyptian rhythms like ‘Mohammed Ramadan’. If you have never been in Egypt or Dubai, just google the artist to understand the kind of music he makes.

The entrance is normally more expensive than the rest of clubs in Sharm, being 350 pounds (17€)  the entrance tourist fee.

2. Little Budha

‘Little Budha’ according to my opinion as well to people that live in Sharm opinion is not the best club of Sharm. The place is not so bad, but the dance floor is minimum in terms of space, it used to cover two floors but it currently cover only one which is more oriented as a bar than as a club. The space for dancing is small, the music is ok, good hits. Entrance is cheaper than in other clubs also. Its placed in the centre of the city, in the Naama Bay area.

Price: 250 pounds (12€).

3. Pacha

That's me inside of Pacha's V.I.P.

Well, Pacha! One of the best clubs in Sharm and also very well known internationally, specially the one in Ibiza. Literally, people were asking me, what I was doing in Pacha of Sharm when I was coming from Barcelona, right in front of the island of Ibiza. Well, let me tell you, Pacha Sharm was completely wide open to the public, while Pacha Ibiza was close due to the current crisis restrictions. Well, I guess times are changing, and the time for Europeans to immigrate to the Middle East to find the nightlife scene had arrived in 2021. That was my case. Literally, while people in Europe were locked at home I was enjoying partying more crazy than ever before, thanks to the Egyptian degrees of freedom. 

The entrance to Pacha was around 250 pounds (12€), music was on Sundays RnB and on Thursdays house. DJ mendoz was in the house. I loved that club so much that I even ended up living in it for a month, when I was renting a studio over the area of the club and getting free access to all parties to the club, to the V.I.P area and to all alcoholic drinks. Getting to know the owners of the club was Key.

4. Space

Space is not the best but also not the worse of clubs. At least, not my favourite. Price for entering around the average, that will be 200-250 pounds (10-12€). Mostly house music. Not much to add. 

5. Marquee

Together with Pacha one of the best clubs of all Sharm. Right in front of the beach, Marquee turns to be a club that’s also working in the Ibiza nightlife scenario (or at least, it used to before of the current crisis). The place is nice, in front of the sea, with good ambience and better music. 

Price : 250 pounds (12€) entrance.

6. Dolce Vitta

Dolce Vitta is that  party that takes place right in the middle of the desert, not as popular as the nights of Pacha, but with very cool vibes and enjoyable ambience. Plus, the club has a pool, though, in spite of what it can look in the pictures, the pool wasn’t clean to swim in it. You can give a try to jump from one side to the pool to the other trying not to fall into its dirty waters. 
The entrance may be a bit more than the more popular clubs, around 350 pounds.

Best beaches to spend your day at 🏝

1. Ghazala Beach

Posing while laying in one of those extremely comfortable beach beds

Ghazala Beach, is the private beach of the Ghazala’s hotel (Naama Bay area) and the cost of entrance is around 50 pounds (2.5€). Take in account, that in this region of Egypt, animation staff members pay less in everything, including in shops. Living in Sharm if you are renting an apartment, or showing your ID Egyptian card if you have gotten one (they will give you as soon as you extend your 30 days Airport entry visa) will help negotiating and getting lower prices.

The beach has very comfortable beds to lay down in, a curious taste of music (I mean, instead of Tiesto they like to play Titanic sound tracks songs, which can eventually put you a bit down), correct food (not the best) but amazing colour of sea and privileged views to the Bay of Sharm.

2. Terrazzina Beach

That is a very nice decorated beach, that was a recommendation of one of the animation members of my hotel. The place is really nice, the entrance I believe is a bit more expensive, like 100 pounds (5€), but since 3 pm it has a DJ, and food and drink prices are reasonable.

It is placed near the Old Market area of Sharm el Sheikh.

That's how well served beers are in this beach

3. El Fanar beach

That's me in 'El Fanar' beach

El Fanar Beach, is the beach place right behind the ‘Marquee’ nightclub. It is a very nice spot for snorkeling and diving, with one of the best and cleared undersea views, filled with corals and many fish species.

While doing snorkel in that beach, we’ve seen a big maritime turtle. 

The sunset from that beach is also very recommendable. I had never paid to enter as I went there with the owners of Pacha, though, as I said before prices may differ depending on your circumstance (if you go with an animation team member, you are renting an apartment, you know the owner, you have an Egyptian card etc).

🛍 Recommended shopping areas and bars 🛍

1. The Old Market

Me in front of Sahaba Mosque

The ‘Old Market’ area is without any doubt one of the most famous shopping districts of the town of Sharm el Sheikh. 

Having the ‘el Sahaba Mosque’ as an iconic religious building of the area, it is filled with many different kind of local and non-local shops, selling all of them, all kinds of items.

Saying that ‘you live in Egypt’ or that ‘you are animation team’ will save you hundreds of pounds in these shopping area. 

Very cheap food restaurants can be found in behind of the Mosque, in which you’ll find typical Egyptian food like ‘falafel’ for only 5pounds (0.25€).

You can reach that area by taxi (it won’t get more down than 30 pounds ride (1.5€) or mini bus that you shouldn’t pay more than 2-5 pounds (almost free if translated to €).

2. Naama Bay

Naama Bay, would be like the centre of the town, is one of the busiest areas, and surely you can find there from any kind of bar and resto to all kinds of shops. IF you stay in ‘Xperience Kiroseiz Parkland’ the bus until there won’t cost you more than 2 pounds.

3. Soho square

Even if called as of ‘square’ is in reality an open air ‘Shopping Mall’, very modern and new, filld with stunning decorations. The South Sinai Governorate was surely inspired by the city of Dubai. I can tell you, every new part of a city Egypt builds, is inspired in the Emirati empire city.

Shops in that area are a bit more over priced than in Old Market, however it is your area if you want to find nice sushi restos.

A must go bar in Sharm: 'Farsha'

Me, seating in the top of 'Farsha' bar

Amazingly beautiful decorated, the ‘Farsha’ bar is a must visit and go bar if you ever visit the town of ‘Sharm el Sheikh’. 

The amazing way lights have been placed, as well as its colours, is a bar placed in the middle of a cliff, in front of the sea, with amazing chill and romantic vibes.

Prices of drinks there I don’t know as I got invited by bedouins, but I guess in the average for a nice bar in Egypt. 30-60 pounds (1.5-3€) per drink.

That was all for the first 'Sharm el Sheikh' part

I hope you had a blast while reading this post, and after doing so, you will be willing to visit the amazing Egyptian Red Sea town of ‘Sharm El Sheikh’. If you like my blog and content, I encourage you to follow me on Instagram for even more and daily content, and to add me on Facebook. See you there!

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