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More than 20 different things to do in Dubai!

All right! I talked in my last post about the reasons why anyone who feels tired slash exhausted from the current global lockdown dynamic the world is trapped in, to book a flight to Dubai.

Now though, it’s time for me to make a special list for you, of all the amazing activities to can do while in this incredible city, as well as the most fancy lounges, beachclubs, restaurants and more of this big outstanding city that is for sure going to take your breath away!

1.SkyDive in Dubai! 🪂

I know what you might be thinking. There’s no way I am going to be free falling (jumping) from 13.000 feet height. I know you are scared as hell just to think about it, mostly because you might already be scared of heights themselves, but let me tell, I am the person who less likes heights or flying. I’m afraid of them, I am really! And that’s the precise reason why I did choose to do it. Because the most I fear something, the most I push myself to overcome that fear and that something. That way, I can life my life without limits! And get the most of it!

Do you think this text sounds nice? Trust me when I tell you that, the feeling of being flying is better. Specially because you’ll be doing that, not in any whatever place of the world, but in Dubai. One of the most, if not the most, outstanding, impressive city that humans have ever build or create. With views to the only human made Palm Island that exists in the world! What else can you ask for?

All the info you need to have to SkyDive in Dubai

If you want to SkyDive, you’ll need to rather book a day and a time to jump. You can do it on tandem(if it’s your first time) or alone (if you have a license).

 If you don’t have a booking, there’s still a chance that you can jump, though you’ll need to put your name in the waiting list and wait until all the booked fellows had jumped to see if there’s any spot left to give you the chance. That last option was mine. I didn’t book but after 6h waiting I got my shot.

The price is 2.200 AED (500€) including the free fall with the instructor and plenty of pictures and videos a third person who jumps at the same time of you and your instructor will take and that will be sent to you within the next 24h after the jump. 

Go well rested, without hangover, and enjoy that very unique experience!

That's me jumping! So much adrenaline!

2. Do the JetSki tour to the Atlantis Resort Hotel

I know after SkyDiving, nothing will astonish you as much, but going for a JetSki tour is also very worth it and quite exciting!

I took the 1h ride, that includes a guide who takes you to see the Atlantis Hotel at Palm Jumeirah, one outstanding hotel building known worldwide! And then it gives you one entire half an hour to enjoy the speed of riding over the sea by yourself and around the amazing area of Dubai Marina

The price of one hour of JetSki will cost you around 600AED (130€) if you take it at the ‘Nautica 1992’ a place that rents JetSki situated behind the Cove Rotana Resort (a luxury hotel, of the many luxury hotels you will eventually find while in Dubai).

3. You cannot miss the Desert Safari experience

That’s one of those very typical touristic attraction that almost all tourists in Dubai will do. The bad part of it, is that as any other very touristic kind of activity, you’ll find it not very authentic, the good side is that is not very expensive, you’ll experience a nice ride over the sands of the desert, some shows and food, and you’ll get beautiful pictures. So overall, even if it’s not gonna be that travel experience you’ll never forget in your entire life, it is still recommendable to do it if you have traveled to the Emirates first time, as the desert is a very important part of its culture.


The price will change a lot depending on which company is going to take you there. But I paid 130 dirhams (with the company– Arabian Private Adventure) which is like 33€ more or less for 30 mins Safari Desert tour, one short camel ride, the food, the belly dance show at the desert villa, a bit of sheesha and some drinks. So quite adjusted for all the things you get, even if it is super touristic and 0 authentic, still nice!

4. Visit the Burj Khalifa at the top, and from its down side.

Of course, none will believe you have been in Dubai if you are lacking those sort of pictures hahaha. Just joking, but surely you will have to visit the Burj if you are in Dubai. Think, that this is, for now, the tallest building on Earth. Quite remarkable. And I say for now, because rumours say that a new taller building will be made soon…


To visit the Top of Burj Khalifa

You will have to pay 130 AED (dirhams) that equals to around 35€. I know, it’s not the cheapest visit ever, but come on, it’s the Burj guys! You’ll see the highest view you have ever seen in your entire life from a building, and that view would be nothing more and nothing less than to Dubai. I have a nice advice for you: the best time to go there is the sunset. But starting 3pm the price of the ticket is the double due to the sunset time. So buy the ticket for the 2:30 pm visit, pay the regular price, and be at the top waiting until the sunset arrives! hihi  😜

5. Watch the fountain show at night (right in front of Burj Khalifa)

From 6pm to 11pm , every half an hour there’s a fountain show in front of the Burj Khalifa. It is really worth it and impressive to watch. Nice lights, nice arabic/emarati music, pleasant environment, and for free. So you really don’t have any excuse to not watch it. Yalla!

6. Visit Deira, the old town of Dubai & al Fahidi Historical District

That's me in on street of Al Fahidi District

I personally loved this part of Dubai, because of its authenticity. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Dubai way a lot, doesn’t matter that it is an artificial city filled with sky-crapers and adulthood entertainment activities and events all day long. But, of course, the fact of everything being human made and so recent, makes it lack an history behind the scenes. The history of the peoples who inhabitated the place even before the city was created, their culture, their customs.. sometimes you forget you’re in the UAE because everything in Dubai feels so impersonal and cold, that getting around this Old part of the city, in which the culture of the people’s even if not necesarily of the Emirates, is more alive, feels great. Visiting the Al Fahidi Historical District or the area of Deira transports you in the past and in the roots of a mix of the local Emirati people with the Indians and Pakistanis roots and cultures that have already well settled in the UAE, as their representation in population is quite big.

In this part of the city, you’ll find the Dubai Museum, the Dubai Gold Souk (Gold Market) filled with beautiful local stores that sell typical clothes, food, species, and more from the Middle East and UAE. Think that in all this places you should negotiate always the prices before buying anything. From Al Fahidi Historical District to Dubai Gold Souk, you can go by crossing the river with public transport boats that only cost 5 dirhams. There’s going to be people who will offer you to a private boat for 60 dirhams or so. Run!

7. Go to the JW Marriot Launge on Ladies night

The JW Marriot Hotel is the tallest hotel of all Dubai and of the world as well. Its Lounge is placed above the 65 floor, and it offers unique exclusive views to all Dubai, including the Downtown which is the part of the city in which Burj Khalifa is placed. You can see the Burj Khalifa from the Lounge of this impressive luxury hotel. If you are a lady, you might also enjoy it’s ladies night which takes place on Tuesdays, and by only spending 75 dirhams (16€), ladies get 3 free drinks of the menu.The music there is very nice, and so it is the atmosphere of the place. You shouldn’t miss it if you are in Dubai under any circumstance.

8. Eat the best cake in UAE Brunch & Cake

Brunch & Cake UAE is one of the outstanding places to have delicious breakfast, lunch and for sure the cake of the UAE. The place itself is so beautiful, the decoration, and how they present the dishes, smoothies and cakes, is worth your try. I discovered this place thanks to my new Eyptian friends that I made in a hostel I stayed for some nights ( I had also been in hotels, changed accommodation a lot actually). 

The price of every dish go range from 40 to 90 dirhams (10-20€). Is not cheap but also not super expensive for the beauty of the place and the tasteful well – served food with amazing colours and decorated dishes.

The avocado toast is with salmon and benedict eggs is one of the most typical dishes to order there. Also the ‘Tres leches Cake” is so good, that my friend and I just had a foodgasm (an orgasm with food) while eating it. Yum!

9. Visit the Global VIllage

Our group of friends in the magificient entrance of the GLOBAL VILLAGE

Imagine a place in which a small representation of the countries is together, in which you can travel to every country just by taking some steps, try the typical food of the place and take amazing pictures. That is all what the “Global Village” in Dubai is about.

The entrance is only 15 dirhams (3.5€) though, once inside you are for sure going to spend some more money on buying things and trying different typical food. 

The place though is so nice and magical, that you will for sure lose the sense of time once inside that place and enjoy a lot your time there as well.

Global Village is situated out of Dubai’s town, so you rather need to rent a car to get there (20 minutes distance more or less) or you’ll have to pay 60 dirham taxi (15€) per every way to go, so 120 in total.

10. Go to 'La Mer' beach

La ‘Mer Beach” is just a regular beach of those which the Emirates had turned out to be quite outstanding, by placing a lot of beautiful decorations, like colourful houses, and placing all over the spot many interesting and calling stores and bars and restaurants. There’s even a small town that has quite an European look, for me it did remind me to “Candem Town” in London.

I recommend you to seat at the restaurant called Catch 22DXB, order some smoothie with cake on top, like the one on the picture, as I believe is very “foodie” instagram style drink, and then use the “Photoshot” with your friends, is free to use and very funny!

11. Go to the "Pointe" of Palm Jumeirah

The “pointe” is the part of the “Palm Island” from where you can have an amazing view to the Atlantis Hotel, the same I could see from the sea the day I rented the JetSki.

Every night at 9pm there’s also a beautiful fountain show with music very nice to watch.

12. Go to 'Kite Beach'

This is me, interpretating the way Arabs insult

Kite Beach is placed next to Burj Al Arab and it’s called like this because people over there practice a lot of Kite Surf. The beach is nice, has a pleasant beach boardwalk, but nothing more special besides it.

13. Enjoy an arabic night at the lounge of 'Voco Hotel'

Incredible Lounge with incredible views to one of the main Dubai avenues.We went with my friends one day they were having arabic live music perfomances and it was so nice. Also if you go there, order the sushi. I’ve never eat sushi better served in my entire life either. The cocktails are good and of course the place is quite pricey but is worth every cent.

14. Sleep one night in JW Marriot Hotel- the tallest Hotel in the world

Emirates was having an offer for people who booked their flights starting 2nd December and take their flights until 28th February, of offering a 24 hours overnight in one of the most outstanding hotels of the world and of Dubai: the JW Marriot.

15. Go the West Palm Beach in Palm Jumeirah Island

You should go to the beach of the picture that I am showing you right here. It is placed in the Palm Beach, as you can already read on its name, and you can reach it easily by taxi or by taking the “Monorail” ( a futurist public transport concept that will be like an outside metro but that goes to over one only rail) and it costs 10 dirhams (2€) to go the ‘West Palm Beach’ that is only 2 stops away. The monorail itself only has 5 stops, being its final stop the Palm Jumeirah Resort, so you can also take it whenever you want to go to see the Resort.

The area of West Palm Beach, is it interesting to see specially if you have been before in Tel Aviv (which I obviously was, as it is my most special worldwide city for a bunch of life transcendental reasons), as this area looks exactly the same as Tel Aviv. It’s known worldwide that half of the world copies the other half, and this will be one perfect example.


The area is filled with very nice lounges and restaurants, and its beaches are mostly private, so in order to get the access to the beach, I recommend you to seat in some lounge, and at least order one coffee or a beer that will cost you between 20 dirhams (4.2€) the coffee and 45 the beer (11€). Then spend in the lounge the whole day while you’re enjoying the beach at the same time, so the entrance to the beach will have the lower price ever.

16. Smoke sheesha in 'Smoky Beach' Lounge in Dubai Marina

Every single person that has stayed in the Dubai Marina area (which was my case, and I also recommend you to do so) should at least once go to this very popular and well-known shisha bar. That of course is offering shisha (wet tobacco product heated in a hookah) and that you’ll find to be so present in the Arab culture. 

The price of the shisha in “Smooky Beach” lounge is 100 dirhams (25€). Quite overpriced, but because we are talking here about the “Marina Dubai” area, quite touristic and overpriced in general.Though, if you share with friends, it will be more affordable.

Also, take on account that in this place they don’t serve alcohol. So, there’s no way you’ll get drunk over there, just smashed with the shisa. 🤪

18. Have the best party in 'Iris Dubai' lounge and restaurant

Enjoying life after 'some' cocktails at 'Iris Dubai'

This is, as most of the rest of places around Dubai, one precious, beautiful decorated lounge with views to all Dubai downtown that will include the Burj Khalifa. It is also one of the places I ever been with the most outstanding bathrooms ever, look at the pictures below.

As the rest of beautiful decorated lounges with astonishing views to Dubai, this is an overpriced place. We order some food, and the dishes were all around 60-70 dirhams (10-15€) and super small.

The aperós were nice, they costed around 60dirhams (that is actually the average price of a drink in a nice place in Dubai. Though, we had to call the waiter demanding for a bit more of alcohol in the drink as it was all almost just ice.

19. Enjoy your beach day at Barasti Beach Club

Beach clubs are, without any sort of doubt, a total MUST, if you are spending your holidays in the iconic city of Dubai. It is part of the energy of the city and its cool vibe, to spend your day not only at the beach, but in a BEACH CLUB. That is, a private beach in which you’ll almost only get in with previous reservation (specially if busy dates like NYE are approaching) and in which you’ll have access to use hamacs, tables, order food and drinks. For girls, there’s special offers, like the whole meal with a cocktail for only 50 dirhams (11€). Those are beaches with music, inflatable mats, pools, and much more. Think they were a bit slower than usual in terms of people and party vibe, because of course, corona. I experienced the Dubai of the outbreak, so think without corona the craziness that could be everywhere. 

Barasti Beach Club is situated close to SkyDive Dubai.

20. You can't miss an event at 'Rixos Premium'

Rixos is a very prestigious Hotel firm in Dubai, and there’s no way you can miss to have a drink in its beautiful decorated bar or at least to attend some public event. There’s 2 Rixos, one called of “Premium” situated in the main street of Dubai Marina, and the other one situated in the Palm Island. I had the great chance to be invited to an event, nothing more and nothing less than of ‘Chanukah” the candle jewish celebration that takes place in December. And it was the first that was celebrated in the UAE, since Israel accorded the peace with UAE in August 2020. The event was even recorded for the israeli TV. Such a remarkable and historical day I was part of!

21. Go to 'Madinat Jumeirah'

‘Madinat Jumeirah’ is a whole village a part, inside of the city of Dubai, and next to Burj Al Arab, in fact you can see it. It’s filled with beautiful shops and some of the most outstanding and luxurious restaurants of the city.If you decide to have dinner over there, count to spend at least around 200 dirhams per person which will be around 50€.

22. Siddharta Lounge

Spent a very nice night there. The food is delicious, go for the mushrooms’ sushi, and the coulant chocolate cake with vainila ice cream dessert. So yummy! You can also order different kind of cocktails, wine, and smoke shesha.

23. You can't miss the Malls. Visit Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates

Dubai Mall is one of the most iconic and big malls of the city of Dubai and most likely of the world. It’s literally HUGE and literally IMPRESSIVE. It is placed close to the iconic Burj Khalifa, actually if you plan to reach the Burj Khalifa by metro, once you try to exit the metro, you’ll get ‘trapped’ into the mall. I see trapped, because it is huge, and its exit is quite difficult to find at least the first time you get there.

24. Stay at least, 1 night in a 5 star hotel

I can proudly say that I stayed for over a week in such type of hotel and was awesome. My first time traveling in a 5 star hotel, but you know, Dubai, is Dubai and the city deserves your most enjoyment. So I encourage you, if have the opportunity to come to Dubai, to at least experience the luxury life once during your trip. At the end that was the reason Dubai was created for. To experience luxury. Search for hotels like Hotel Park Regis, they’re 5 star hotels but they offer good deals that hopefully won’t broke your wallet. 

Due to corona, 5 star hotels prices can start as good as 50€ per night.

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