Why Dubai?

The highest building of the world, and me!

We have just entered the year 2021, and as it was expected to be, nothing at all has changed in comparison with the last year, the so called 2020, that left all us with some sort of bitter weird ugly taste.

All the contrary, as it seems, for now many countries in Europe and in other regions as well, seem to be willing the imposition of new lockdowns. After the second lockdown of autumn, and too tired of this situation, I decided I had to impose myself and do something to recover my freedom and life.

I went to many rough times because I some sort felt trapped into the repetition of endless lockdowns and restrictions, and didn’t know what to do or where to go to recover my wild spirit and self and feel alive all over again after a year that was killing my soul.

How did I came up with the idea of going to Dubai?

Well, the first important thing that play a key role was Israel. Before deciding to come to Dubai, I was expecting Israel to open up its borders as is a country that touched my soul and myself deeply. Days, months, and now almost an entire year went by, but the borders kept shut and the situation of the country seem not to experience any improvement. Israel went into second and even third national lockdowns. That got me into despair. Though, the good thing was that because I love Israel so much and I’m also interested into international politics, I knew about the Abraham Accords.

What are the 'Abraham Accords'?

I don’t want to go into politics as this is a travel blog, but basically this is the name the peace accords Israel singed with the UAE in August 2020 took. Yes, Israel agreed to peace with the UAE, which automatically mean, that having a visa from the UAE in my passport won’t cause me any trouble in case I wanted to go back to Israel later on, as soon as their borders will re-open.

One day, I found myself seated in my apartment, thinking about how depressed I was to be living under lockdown, and that something in my life had to change. I was looking some videos when I recorded myself talking about the ‘Abraham Accords’ in Instagram, and suddenly realised how much passion I was putting into those matters, and how much I was deserving to pursue those countries to keep learning and find myself into places where I wanted to be, far away from the boring comfort I never settled for in the past.

How did I know that Dubai was open?

I saw some people on social media that were visiting Dubai during the summer 2020. I checked and the first thing I read was: “Dubai is open, we are ready whenever you are”. I felt that message was totally written for me. I felt ready to hop myself into a new adventure, even more than usual due to the shitty year we all experienced in 2020, so I didn’t hesitate to book the flight ticket, pack all my staff and embark myself into a new adventure during this weird time. I had to resist and defend my freedom. 

Also I should add that Dubai was always my dream city. When I say always is that at least since 7 years ago, when I first saw Dubai in the TV, I started to feel irremediably super attracted to that outstanding city, but never went because it was far, seemed so expensive, problems of visa to enter to Israel and many other excuses that one puts in order to leave its dreams for later. And that later time might never arrive.

2 weeks after buying my ticket I was landing in Dubai.

Yes, as other times in the past, it didn’t take me long to book everything and start packing. So as soon as I decided to go to Dubai, I packed all my stuff, book the flight tickets, and organised all the documentation required for the travel including the health documents like the PCR test. And now, here I am since more than a month ago, enjoying my life to the fullest, accomplishing my dream to get to know the AMAZING city of Dubai, my dream of Skydiving over that city with views to the most outstanding human made Palm Island, and meeting endless amazing people with whom I shared and I’m still sharing plenty of amazing memories and unique moments! I even met with some Erasmus friends, and been invited to Israeli events! So many things of what is related to my passions, dreams and life trajectory brought in one place!

A step by step guide of how to follow my move of going to Dubai in the middle of the current crisis:

Step 1:

Buy your flight ticket with Emirates

From 500€, you’ll get two way tickets from European countries to Dubai. Also, check their Coronavirus policy, as in the moment I bought the tickets, they were offering the possibility of changing dates for your flights with 0 cost! Due to corona! Also, they will provide you with a Health Insurance in case you get the virus while traveling, and pay you as high as 100€ per day in case you test positive and need to quarantine while staying in Dubai. They also provide their customers with other offers, as one night to the Highest Hotel in Dubai and in the world, and many other attractive deals you’ll get just for booking the ticket with them. Do you know other Airline that offers so much advantages for traveling with them now? So, yalla, what are you waiting for? Book your flight!

Step 2:

Start packing all your summer clothes!!

You heard good, yes, SUMMER CLOTHES! Dubai is a very warm city, with high temperatures during the whole year, reaching 50º during the summer (being those too much) and 26º during the winter, which for European skins is perfect. 

I have been in the Middle East during the summer, the year 2019 when I was in Israel and I can tell you it was too much to handle, lot of humidity, and difficult to breathe, imagine with the mask. So, now, this month and the next one are the perfect time to be in Dubai!

Me in the pool in the middle of December 🤗

Step 3:

Take all your savings and your laptop

You can reallocate for a while in Dubai, but even if you decide so, if it’s your first time in the city you may enjoy it’s touristic side, that is huge. Full of different options, activities to do, places to eat and to hang out. Specially after a year full of Lockdowns, Dubai is offering with so many stimulus things to do and feel, that you’ll never want to stop doing things. Though, nothing here is free, so prepare your bank account to assume your stay, specially from your savings. I hope you also can have some present income, so Dubai and the freedom the city will bring to your life, won’t break your financially. But don’t worry, it’s only at the begging when you spend the most, then you start lowering your expenses, and enjoying other parts of the country and of the city without the need of going out every single night.

The most expensive activities to engage in Dubai city are: JetSki, Skydiving, going for a dinner in a lounge… but none of those is totally unaffordable because there’s always fair deals. For the girls, t there’s ladies nights in which if you order only one drink in a nice lounge, you get 3 more drinks for free. Same occurs in the Beach Clubs, in which they offer full meal plus drink per only 50 dirhams, which is 12€.

For the JetSki, if you only take half an hour the prices will lower between 200-300 dirhams which is 50-70€, but you’re in Dubai. Everything here will be overrated compared to other cities or locations, you are paying for the iconic jungle known worldwide, that has a World Record Guiness for everything. For the Tallest Building, for the Garden with more Flowers… So, A M A Z I N G!

Me, with the JetSki in front of the Atlantis Resort Hotel in the Palm Island 🌴

Bring your most fancy outfits, and many of them!

In Dubai, you might hang out a lot, when I say a lot I say mostly every day, and it’s full of fancy brunch, restaurants and lounge places to go. So bring as many nice dresses and clothes as you have, otherwise you won’t feel you’re fitting in the city, and you will regret to miss the glamour.

Step 4:

Don't forget to make your PCR!

Dubai is asking for most of countries to present a PCR before entering to the country. So might not forget to take it at least 72h before departing. In any case, check the Emirates websites for the last updates regarding to health requirements before traveling 😉.

Get back to life!

Congrats! In the middle of a moment full of lockdowns and lack of freedom, you just bought your ticket to FREEDOM! Be ready to get back to pre-pandemic times multiplied per 10 times more fun, excitement & intensity!!! Enjoy your stay in Dubai! Whether you are going to be there for just a week, or a couple of months or even more! You, deserve it! Everyone does! Think that you do, and you’ll have it 😉!

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