You are currently viewing A trip to the “city of love” also known as Paris, in COVID times.

A trip to the “city of love” also known as Paris, in COVID times.

Why traveling to Paris in COVID times? We all have heard the advice coming from the so-called experts saying to avoid big cities and places with a lot of people concentration. And is for this reason why many people had headed towards the fields this summer.

Well, depending on your own criteria, and if you differ from those experts (which are actually paid people to speak out the “truths” Governments want to push) then you might not agree on the need to isolate yourself into the fields.

It is for that reason, and due that I don’t believe on the CAUSE of the current crisis, which I felt totally relaxed while being in a big city like Paris. And that’s why you should visit it as well, if you are from a country which is allowed. 

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Pros and Cons to travel in Paris in Covid times?

The Cons..

One of the main cons of traveling to Paris in COVID times is that as any other worldwide cities will currently have, Paris has a set of common restrictions that have been implemented since the end of the first covid Lockdown. 

Masks in Paris started to be only mandatory in some quarters in which you can still see the signal of “mandatory mask”. Though, and due to the emergence of new cases in France, wearing a cover mask became mandatory. And you see parisians really complying with that rule during the day. Not at night, in which some boat parties are allowed, crowded bars, clubs and more are happening and none wearing mask. But you know, at least on working times they should behave 😁

Me behaving as a good masked Parisien


Me enjoying the Louvre Museum to myself

There’s a huge lack of tourism. The decrease of tourists has been huge since the pandemic started, some parisiens even telling us there were none during the whole summer. And you can really prove that is true.  As you can now visit the Museum of Louvre and the Tour Eiffel (the main iconic spots of the city- and one of the most visited in the world before the pandemic hit) totally empty!

Of course that can be a huge pro for a visitor, but it won’t for the local people living in the city neither for the city itself that is losing billions of € due to this economical recession. For someone visiting, having the chance of seeing Paris without tourists is absolutely unique and worth! 

Though, I am afraid it won’t last too long until it gets back to its regular crowds, but for now its awesome! 😎

Some of the endless things you can do while in Paris🗼

Visit Amelie's film bar

In Montmartre’s quarter, you’ll find a bar called “Cafe des Deux Molins”, that is exactly where some scenes of “Amelie”‘s film were recorded. (see the pictures below).

The ‘Café’ is really typical, filled with lots of pictures from the actress of Amelie’s film during her performance. The best way to enjoy the experience is by having data in your phone and checking the film scene in which the Cafe appears and compare it with the real place. You’ll find there’s some differences, like the film team did delete some parts of the place and added new details that make the bar look more in tune with the film scenography. 

We stayed at the Cafe for only an hour, having something to drink, more concretely a soda with citron called “Diabolo” very typical in Paris.

Here you have the pictures in which the Cafe appears into the film scene..


And here the pictures in which you can see how the bar looks like including the pictures of Amelie’s actress film interpretations..

Have a glass of Chardonnay in a typical bistro

Paris is full of bistros! Bistros are typical Parisien bars/restaurants that emerged with the aim to serve typical french meals at affordable prices always accompanied with some alcohol. Nowadays its prices are the same as the rest of the city having turned more sophisticated.

If you live in Paris, you’ll surely seat in many of them throughout the month, but also as a visitor, you’ll seat around 3 times per day. From having your “petit dejeuner”, to eat some typical french cakes at midday on your way to some relevant spot as the Jardin du Luxembourg. To have you “glass of Chardonnay” (green-skinned french wine, originated in a Western French region). I was introduced to that delicious wine while in Tel-Aviv when hanging out with a Russian friend who always ordered it, and trust me, if a Russian orders it, it means is gooood…(Russian’s are alcohol experts).

Pictures of bistros in Paris

As you can see, bistros are usually placed in the corners of the streets.

Eating typical sweet food from Paris

French people are great on the sweet food side, which means, you’ll find lots of typical french delicious cakes while traveling to France. Of course that includes Paris. I can recommend you to go to a cake placed in Rue de Boci, called “Paris Cafe” .In which they serve all type of typical cakes (from Apple’s pies to strawberry ones..delicious).

Visit the beautiful and less known "Jardin du Luxembourg"

An extremely beautiful and well taken-care garden that is totally worth the visit placed in the middle of the 6th Arrondisement (that’s how the city of Paris is divided in let’s say “quarters”).

Filled with beautiful flowers, palms and lakes, in a super clean and rich area of Paris, the Garden surprised me positively. Also there’s endless public chairs in which you can seat under a shadow to rest and relax with the view.

Take an e-scooter

Paris is a well structured city in terms of e-transport. You see e-scooters to rent everywhere, from Lime to Bird and other cool brands, and also bikes (but more scooters even). The city also offers plenty of e-scooter and bike lanes everywhere, so that adds positive points to the city’s structure. 

It’s more eco friendly as less cars are circulating over there while it’s also a sign of well updated in the Tech sphere. Really important for a city during our century, as the tech sector is the one which is leading the world. And during times like these, Tech has been of essential importance to keep yourself active even if only online, during quarantine periods.

To take an e-scooter you only need to download the App of the e-scooter brand, sign up and scan the QR code you’ll normally find in the right side of the scooter to start riding. You’ll need to provide your bank account details, in order to be directly charged in there. The cost of the ride, depends on the offer the brand has.

They normally charge you a small fee just for starting its use, and from there, every min some cents of €/$. I will say, it’s not cheap, because a 30 min ride can easily cost you more than 5€. But I love the feeling of riding around a city, so it’s worth the money.

If you live in a certain city in which you feel you’ll need to use the scooter daily, then It will be more affordable to buy your own in a shop. Otherwise, if you are an intrepide wonderer who’s always changing city and context, renting those e-scooters is the most suitable option of all of them.

Enjoy the best "Tour Eiffel" view from "Rue de l'Université"

Really, the view from that street is simply surreal. You just need to look at the picture I uploaded here. It looks pretty amazing, isn’t?  

That street is also very “instagramable”, a way to say that many people stop there in order to take the best shot and then to upload it to Instagram. Really. So well, I hope you can reach that incredible spot.

Also due to the pandemic, I should highlight the fact that there wasn’t a lot of people around, so taking a good picture and alone was much easier.

View to the "Tour Eiffel" from "Rue de l'Université"

Don't forget about the sunset

Paris offers really stunning sunsets. The parts of the city in which you can watch them better will mostly be those nearby the “Senna” river. In the summer seasons when we went, the temperature was pretty good to watch them outdoors while drinking some wine are walking around the riverside.

"Party" at Palays du Tokyo

You won’t be able to find what we used to understand by the word “party” on pre-pandemic times now but  Paris has still a lot to offer.

Even with the current context, if a city like Paris stopped having at least some late hours bar open, some outdoor chill-out dance space or relatively “small” boat party, the situation I am afraid it will be much more worrying than the current one.

But hopefully, a city that seems to be pretty serious and restrictive during the day, doesn’t upset during the night. In which, parisiéns left their masks behind, and can’t stop drinking from its glass of Whiskey and flirting with whoever is more open for a wild night.

So, if you wanna have some fun, don’t hesitate twice to go and check the exclusive bar placed in front of the Tour Eiffel, called “Palays du Tokyo“. Has a good ambience, but of course the price of the drink won’t get lower than 15€

To end with..

All in all, travel to Paris in COVID times was a good and recommendable experience for all those Europeans passport’s holders allowed to do so. In spite of some of the common restrictions that have emerged due to the current crisis, the city is still a unique place in which you can find sport groups to join to practise exercise around the Sena rive, boats with a bar and eventually some small parties. Filled with bistros and mainly parisiens seated and working from their laptops, many e-transport devices to be rented in every corner, and things to be seen and observed all the time. Quite alive in spite of the time being, and yes, 100% recommendable as you’ll avoid the crowded tourism there used to be before.

And those will be the most recommendable things to do 😊

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