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Where can I travel this 2020?

Hi to everyone!! I write here a post that will hopefully help you figure out where you can and where you can not travel during this 2020, and which facts are important to take on account while traveling on a pandemic such the current one. 

4 tips to travel during the pandemic :

Before traveling during the pandemic , it is important to take on account the following facts and know this tips in order to avoid cancellations or undesired situations:

1. Travel is not risky as long as you take the safety guidelines required of: correctly wearing your face mask (covering up until your nose) and then washing hands with hand sanitizer frequently and respect the social distances.

2. Don’t book too long in advance. Think that in context like this, in which regulations are constantly changing as the Covid-19 Data every country provides( and it is according to this data that countries make the decision to lift or to re impose Entry Restrictions). Booking one week before hand will be the best recommended option! Especially if the country you’re traveling from is not highly dependant on tourism (it is highly probable that they will include restrictions in that case).

3: Quarantines and border restrictions do not apply to the country your Passport is from but the country you are entering from. If you have spent time in a middle-high risk country in the last 14 days before traveling then you will need to self-isolate. You will need to prove you have been in a green country the 14 days before traveling.

4. Once said all this facts ,what you need to do is to SEARCH for information on Google or any other browser about which rules and restrictions referring to border entries are applying in the country you’re flying to. 

Check Schengen News 🇪🇺

A good way to stay update about your traveling options in the EU, is to check the Schengen News website, in which every New regarding to Staes lifting border controls to some other States, or contrary to that, reimposing borders restrictions, will appear here:

List of restrictions of the 27 EU countries + UK

I am including the UK in the list together with the EU, even if the UK has already made its Exit, the famous Brexit. Brexit negotiations with the EU are still going on, so the complete Exit hasn’t been made, however UK is not in the EU list anymore.

Even that situation, UK political relationships with the EU as well as its influence in the European region and in the world are big enough to consider them on the list. Said that, let’s start!!

1. UK 🇬🇧

1) UK. If you want to travel to the UK, know that you need to fill a form with your contact details and more that you can easily find on this link below:

If you need to know WHICH COUNTRIES need to SELF-ISOLATE when arriving to the UK, you can also check this link: 

** Travel corridors: is kind of a ‘new’ concept on the travel industry that has specially emerged during the COVID-19 crisis, that appeals to the fact that countries instead of open their borders to all, they make agreements with only a few other countries that accomplish with the epidemological  requirements to be low risk.

2. France 🇫🇷

2) France. Here you have a link with the countries that find themselves force to go into self-isolation and which doesn’t have to:


3. Spain 🇪🇸

3) Spain, That being one of my national countries, and having left and entered Spain by air in the last July 2020, I can tell you, you absolutely need to fill a form providing details and other Covid informations.

And here it is the fill you need to fill:

4. The Netherlands 🇳🇱

4) The Netherlands.  A friend who lives in the Netherlands has updated me about the following thing: they have this website :

That website provides a nice map of the countries you can visit according to the colour that represents the risk level. That map can apply for you to know which colour the country you’re traveling from has, and so to expect more or less restrictions according to that fact.

5. Portugal 🇵🇹

5) Portugal. They offer Health Passports for Tourists. You can check them out in here :

6. Lativa 🇱🇻

6) Latvia: Here you have explained the criteria the Government of Latvia is using for deciding which countries can enter with or without restrictions.

The epidemologic criteria that Latvia is using is the following: if a country has more than 16 cases per 100.000 inhabitants, then it needs to self-isolate. To be sure you can enter without facing restrictions is to check how many cases per 100.000 the country you are staying/flying from are. Normally it will be your country of origin, as  I don’t think during this time you will be spending lot of time abroad. But in case that you are Spanish (have Spanish Passport) but you live in Denmark, you need to check the situation of Denmark, not Spain.

7. Belgium 🇧🇪

7) Belgium. Here there’s the link that highlights which countries can enter Belgium without quarantine, the website also includes a map with every country distinguished by different colours depending on the fact that you can or cannot enter.

8. Ireland 🇨🇮

8)Ireland. In the case of Ireland here you can find the regulations regarding the entrance to the country and in this other website you’ll find the Green List (the List that includes all the countries which are categorize as green and so you can travel to Ireland without quarantine from them):

9. Italy 🇮🇹

9)Italy. Hasn’t implemented any restrictions to passengers entering Italy from the EU, UK, other European countries and third countries.You can find further information by clicking this link:

10. Germany 🇩🇪

10) Germany. Here you’ll find a link with further information about the German’s restrictions. (for now, they don’t have any restriction regarding EU countries and also some third countries. Here are all the details described:

11. Austria 🇦🇹

11) Austria:  Here you have which restrictions are applying to which countries (most of the countries that can entry to Austria will do it without facing restrictions or quarantines if they provide a health check that proves they don’t have the virus).

12. Greece 🇬🇷

12)Greece:  Apparently Greece has imposed Travel restrictions to Bulgaria, and to 3rd countries nationals

** 3rd countries are those who don’t belong to the EU.

13. Croatia 🇭🇷

13)Croatia: Here I leave you the form Croatia asks to the people entering its country to fill: . And in this link you have all the countries that can freely travel around Croatia :

14. Cyprus 🇨🇾

14)Cyprus: Here you have the information regarding to the restrictions applying for the country of Cyprus.

15. Czechia 🇨🇿

15)Czechia. Here I leave you the website where you can find which countries are eligible to enter the country and which not, and also which requirements are applying.

16. Denmark 🇩🇰

16) Denmark: Apparently, only Spain,Luxembourg,Romana and Bulgaria are EU countries that are excluded from entering to Denmark. You can get further information about Danish Government requirements to enter the country by visiting this link:,Denmark%20again%20under%20certain%20conditions. I think is important to highlight that the Danish Government requires to tourists to prove a stay of a minimum 6 nights in the country in order to be allowed in.

17. Estonia 🇪🇪

17) Estonia: Estonia is currently accepting citizens from every EU country, though, that doesn’t mean that quarantines won’t apply. To stay better updated, check this link :

18. Finland 🇫🇮

18)Finland: Bad news are that Finish borders aren’t open for many EU countries. Spanish aren’t allowed for now. Again, for further information check the following link:

19. Luxembourg 🇱🇺

19) Luxembourg: it was allowing visitors from many EU countries at the beginning of the summer, not sure though of how the current situation has evolved in terms of border’s restrictions. To be more sure I recommend you to check the official Governments’ website referring to travel

20. Hungary 🇭🇺

20) Hungary: To know from which countries you can enter to Hungary, here you have the link with all the updated info:

21. Lithuania 🇱🇹

21)Lithuania: In this article, you can find the detailed info of which countries can and which don’t to enter Lithuania (many EU countries are excluded to do so, including Spain. I know, if you are Spanish, the current travel scenario even in the same EU, looks a bit frustrating and limited, your options are much less than other passports but I do believe all countries face restrictions from some others, so no EU citizen gets benefited from this crisis). 

Anyway, here is the link to know more about Lithuanian restrictions:

22. Malta 🇲🇹

22) Malta: . In this link you get the completed list with all the countries that can visit Malta without restrictions, being almost all EU countries included.

23. Poland 🇵🇱

24. Romania 🇷🇴

25. Slovakia 🇸🇮

25)Slovakia: last updated list of countries that can enter Slovakia during this period :

26. Slovenia 🇸🇰

26)Slovenia: Has also classified countries in colours depending on their levels of risk of contagious. Here all the info:

27. Sweden 🇸🇪

27)Sweden: here all info about Sweden’s situation, I will say pretty strict from what I heard so mostly not recommendable if you’re heading there from South European countries. Here all the updates:

28. Bulgaria 🇧🇬

28)Bulgaria: Here all the info of countries that can enter Bulgaria and also which doesn’t require a quarantine to get in.

Airlines tip...✈️

Ryanair is doing FREE FLIGHTS CHANGE DURING AUGUST & SEPTEMBER due to the Corona unstability situation.

If you want more information...

I recommend you to read the post I wrote based on my experience while Traveling this July 2020 to Hamburg, Germany.There you will find all the rules due to Covid-19 that I face while in the Airport, the rules Germany was applying “de facto” so not only in the paper but in real life (sometimes there’s huge distances) and all other kind of tips. So just click here to read it and know more about the current Traveling situation (especially in the International ground).

You’ll also find a section in my blog called ‘Pandemic trips 2020, where you’ll find all my posts related to this issue! 😃

Hope you have learnt something new, and that you will reach me on my social media accounts, where you’ll also find extra info about travels, nice pics and videos! 👌🏼

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