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                    Welcome to Tel Aviv, your home basement to visit lots of places in the Middle East!

1) Tel Aviv is a city in Israel, placed by the mediterranean sea and surrounded with 14km of beaches. The weather is almost always sunny and warm except from December and January, when it rains and it’s a bit more cold (20ºC).

2) It is  considered as the second most technological developed city in the world after the Silicon Valley. As a funny way, the city is also called of ‘Sillicon Wadi’ because of the amount of Hi Tech startups and the fact of being in the Middle East. 

3) It ranks as one of the 10 most expensive cities in the world. Just to make it easier to understand how expensive it is, I’ll give you an example: a beer in a supermarket costs between 2,5 to 3€ and in a bar from 8,5 to 10€.

4)It is a free city. Really. In Tel Aviv you don’t feel social pressure to behave in any specific way, neither to fit in any social pattern. 

5) The official language of the city is the Modern Hebrew. It was created in Tel Aviv around the 50’s, and it differs from the Hebrew of the Bible.

6) In spite of Israel being a RELIGIOUS STATE, Tel Aviv was founded as a SECULAR CITY. It is for this reason that religion doesn’t play a key role on the city.

7) Has the best sunsets you have never seen before!

Beach guard of TLV
TLV people using electric transport
One of the multiple walls with art
The best sunset you can see from the beach


If you hold a passport from Spain, you don’t need to apply for a visa before landing to Israel. The best option you have in order to enter the country is to do it through Ben- Gurion Airport. This is the Airport of Tel Aviv and its security methods are really strict. Even if you are normally entitled to get a 3 months visa (90 days) as a tourist, you might get shorter period visas due to different reasons. For example, if you have stamps from Arabic countries in your passport, your entrance to Israel will be more complicated. To sum up, during the controls they can give you the maximum period of time or shorter, depending on how suspicious your passport or background can look to them. Just be patient, if they ask you questions answer calmed and hope for the best.


If you are planing to visit Tel Aviv in a near or long future, you need to know a key geographical fact. Tel Aviv is very well geographically placed as it is less than 300km distance from many attractive spots in Middle East. As for instance; Jerusalem, Negev Desert, the Death sea (inside of Israel) or Petra, Cairo, Sinai..(in its neighboring countries). It is for that reason that I consider Tel Aviv as your home basement to visit lot of places in the Middle East. 

Also, it is worth mentioning that all this short distances you’ll find once traveling to those Middle Eastern places starting from Tel Aviv, have an economical advantage as well. Short distance travel means lower travel costs, and so being able to travel more spots with the same money! 

I will give you economical examples. If you are thinking to make a trip around Middle East, and you start it from Tel Aviv, your flight tickets to Tel Aviv (one way) will cost you from 70€. Meanwhile if you decided starting your trip from places like Egypt or Jordan you will only find flights to there from 200€. So, again is proved that not only starting your trip from Tel Aviv will lower your travel costs but also the flight to there will be cheaper.

 Below I provide  you with a list of places you can travel from Tel Aviv, the distances and the costs:

53 km distance to JERUSALEM/ISRAEL. 16NIS = 4€, one way to JERUSALEM.

– 66 km distance to the city of HEBRON /WEST BANK. 24NIS=6€ one way to HEBRON.

-150 km distance to the NEGEV DESERT/ISRAEL 45NIS=11€ one way to NEGEV DESERT.

278km distance to EILAT/ISRAEL (bordering with Egypt and Jordan). 65NIS=16€ one way to EILAT.

204 km distance to PETRA/JORDAN.

297 km distance to SINAI/EGYPT. You can cross the border through the town of Eilat. The nearest Egyptian town in the Sinai is Taba. For knowing more what to see and do in the South Sinai Peninsula read my complete guide here.

775 km distance to CAIRO/EGYPT. No real option to go with land transport because of the historical restrictions on movement in between both nations (Israel and Egypt are not good allies the facto) so you better look for a flight option Airline companies like Etihad offer flights in between both destinations starting at 200€ with a stop over.


As you can see, if you come to Tel Aviv you will not only discover fast-growing economy city with lots of opportunities, beautiful spots, activities and parties. You will also be able to get to know many interesting spots around the Middle East region! 

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