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Who I am?


Hi to everyone & Welcome to my blog! I’m Adriana, a spanish law graduated who’s shaping career towards blogging!. Do you wanna know what brought me to start blogging about my trips and experiences abroad? Then, I will start from the beginning. From the first time I was living abroad in Brussels…


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 My first time abroad was during my Erasmus exchange program year in Brussels, when I was 21 years old. I spent one academic year in the  capital of the EU that definitely expanded my vision about the world. 

It was by that time, when I decided to start blogging in order to write about my Erasmus experience. I did it  just as a hobby, given that I was still studying my Law degree at the University. I also undertook an internship on the EU legal affairs, so I was basically focused on my studies and my professional opportunities in the legal sector. Writing and blogging were simple pastimes .



After my year in Brussels,  I moved for a period of 5 months to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in order to volunteer in a Favela– A favela is one of the poorest and most unsafest places in South America and in the world.

My experience in Brazil was super inspiring: the Brazilian culture and its people; all the things I learnt about social the privileges; the life in the favelas…I used them all to continue writing about my experiences abroad on that same blog I once created while in Brussels..


Only 3 months later after my experience in Brazil, I just quickly moved to the US!. I went to the US to spend the whole summer working on restaurants (summer jobs) and making enough money to go somewhere else to volunteer all over again! 

During that time I stopped writing on my blog because I was not inspired enough to write about an experience in which I was working all the time.

Even though, I also could make two short trips I wrote about: one to Washington DC and the other to NYC.



As soon as I came back from the States I graduated in Law. I was lost in life and without having a clue of what would I do next. So, I decided to take all the savings from my working summer in the US and give to my future a shot somewhere else. And so I just decided to go to Tel Aviv… 

As soon as I landed here I immediately loved the city (It was love at first sight😍). Therefore I  decided to stay for 3 months working in a hostel while taking some courses of Hebrew in Ulpan-hebrew school. By that time, I didn’t write anything in my blog neither  I taking it as a professional choice.

After 3 months in that great city (Tel Aviv!) my tourist visa ended.  I applied for an extension of my vista in the Ministry of Interior, but they denied it so I had to leave the country against my willingness.

Even if things didn’t work out, I haven’t given up on my goal/ dream to live there(Tel Aviv). Few months later I just bought the flight ticket to Tel Aviv again. It was during that second time in that city when an israeli entrepreneur crossed my path to change my life. He encouraged me to start this new journey and convinced me to make something professional out of my experiences and writings. And so, here I am now! Welcome and enjoy 😃!

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